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An educational tool particularly intended to complement face-to-face learning
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Cinfores Brainfriend is an educational tool particularly intended to complement face-to-face learning, mostly for those students willing to pass high-stakes exams. The program allows students to access a myriad of educational resources, with the advantage that they are aligned to the actual curriculum. Although predominantly based on the Nigerian school system, the tool also includes learning contents adapted to other countries.

Cinfores Brainfriend provides access to various features. For instance, you can consult curricular documents for various educational levels, including primary and secondary levels. In this respect, it is excellent that it comes with a career guide as well. In addition, there is a video collection with excellent lessons and the possibility of taking personalized notes. Moreover, the program can foster student’s motivation through a series of educational games. Last, but probably most important, you can create and train yourself with exams that are specially meant for a given subject, level and curriculum. Unfortunately, though, it offers limited possibilities for collaborative learning compared with other educational platforms.

The tool has a friendly interface, which allows easy navigation by students, teachers and parents. It is necessary to have an account in order to access the contents, which are available online. However, this means that the program does not work without an Internet connection. What is worse, it does not give you the chance to download some resources for offline use.

To conclude, Cinfores Brainfriend has been reported by various studies as having had a great impact on Nigerian education. The tool is available in various versions: Home, Enterprise and Special. It is important to point out here that the Enterprise version has the special advantage of allowing to expand contents by including customized learning materials.

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  • Includes various curricular levels
  • Generates customized exams
  • Come with video lessons
  • Educational games to foster motivation


  • Needs an Internet connection
  • Limited possibilities for collaborative learning
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